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ProShip Global LLP is incorporated pursuant to section 12(1) of the Limited liability Partnership Act, 2008.

Identification Number : AAL - 1120
Date : 13th November 2017.

The global economy owes its jumpstart to the maritime transport. One of the most cost effective methods of transportation, the expansion of sea routes world over has opened doors to economic liberalization.

ProShip Global LLP plays a key role in major maritime activities catering to the EXIM industry by providing Shipping Solutions, and Indenting/Sourcing facilities through competitive freight costs.

Over two decades of our experience in cargo transportation through container shipping will ensure smooth operations for all your EXIM and domestic/international trade needs.

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  • Incorporated in June 2008, Mumbai with a thrust on Freight forwarding, Custom Brokerage & Project Movement.
  • The Company is registered with Directorate General of shipping having M.T.O. License vide renewal registration No. MTO/DGS/809/NOV/2018.
  • The Directors Mr. Dilip Anchekar and Mr. Dinesh Nair with their 35 years of combined experience in Shipping, Freight Forwarding and Logistics have a keen insight in sea trading and logistics.
  • Mr. Pawan Asher has an experience of over 2 decades in Shipping, most of which is dedicated to catering of project cargos.
  • We had moved numerous cargo loads and containers across the Asia and beyond. Our experience, coupled with economies of scale provide unmatched advantages to our clients
  • Please visit the site at http://www.snlipl.net/


  • A vertical headed by Mr. Pawan Asher catering to sale and purchase of containers for domestic and International requirements of various forwarders, shippers, consignees, infrastructure and engineering goods manufacturing companies.

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